Tina passed her driving test!

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image of driving lessons in Brislington

Congratulations to Tina who passed her driving test on the 6th November 2018! She passed her driving test at the Brislington Driving Test Centre! Her driving instructor was Vince! Vince said sadly this was not a first time pass for Tina as her nerves took over previously, however Tina drove wonderfully on her driving test on the 6th November and managed to keep her nerves in check! It has been quiet a while since Tina started lessons with Vince but he always knew that she could do it! Tina just needed to have faith and believe that she was able to pass her driving test regardless of what other said!

Tina is now the third person in her family to pass her driving test with Relax Driving School as both her daughters we also taught by Vince a few years back and now mum joins them with being free to drive whenever and wherever she likes!

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