Terms and Conditions

All driving instructors are self-employed and operate under a franchise agreement with Relax Driving School.
For the avoidance of doubt, all financial transactions are between you and your driving instructor.

Terms & Conditions of Tuition:

  1. If you have chosen to take driving lessons, this agreement is between you and your allocated Driving Instructor. No liability shall arise or exist between you and Relax Driving School.
  2. If you have opted to pay via Bank Transfer (BACS) at the discounted lesson price, should you switch to Cash (either temporarily or permanently) then you will no longer receive the discount and full lesson price must be made.
  3. All payments are non refundable. In exceptional circumstances, and at your instructors’ sole discretion, any agreed refunds will be made by your driving instructor direct to your chosen Bank account. Relax Driving School is not responsible for any payments that you have made directly to your instructor. Any refund made will incur a £4.50 administration charge.
  4. Where an introductory offer of 10 hours for £175/£240 has been booked, 3x two hour lessons are taken at the start of your training. The remaining 2x two hour lessons are reserved for the week of your test. Strictly NO REFUNDS on this offer.
  5. If you have taken the introductory offer for pupils with previous tuition for £175, £199 or £265, 3x 2 hours are used at the start of training & the remaining 2 hours are saved for day of your test. Strictly NO REFUNDS on this offer.
  6. Cancellations must be made prior to midday the day before your lesson. If this is not met, your Instructor reserves the right to charge you, in full, for the cancelled lesson (Your instructor may operate a 3 strike policy). If your instructor arrives at the pick-up point and you are not available for the lesson, then a full charge will be made and we may terminate your lessons.
  7. We only offer 2 hour lessons. It is at your instructors own discretion as to whether they will provide any other lesson duration.
  8. Where an offer is taken that includes a Theory Test, should you cease lessons for any reason whatsoever, then the offer of a free Theory test is lost and no refund or alternative will be made available. No refunds can be claimed (lesson or test fees) after a period of 3 calendar months since your last lesson taken.
  9. If it becomes apparent (in the opinion of your instructor) that you have taken driving tuition previously, but have claimed the introductory discount offer, then the offer will be cancelled and standard lesson rates will apply to all lessons.
  10. The driving school allows 15 minutes waiting time for your instructor, due to unforeseen delays such as traffic, late tests etc. In the event of your instructor running late, they will endeavour to contact you by phone/text to advise you of this or to rearrange lesson.
  11. Due to operational reasons, it may, from time to time, be necessary to rearrange your lesson appointments, either on a temporary or permanent basis. Your instructor will give you as much notice as possible in this event.
  12. Neither Relax Driving School nor your instructor is responsible for any tests postponed or cancelled by the DVSA.
  13. Your Instructor has the right to suspend or terminate lessons where they feel you are not making sufficient effort to study for the Theory Test using the Theory Test Pro website as supplied, which affects your driving progress. We also reserve the right not to book you for your Theory and/or Practical Test if we feel you are not ready to take them.
  14. We reserve the right to refuse the use of our cars for your test, if your instructor deems you not to be to the required standard. In this event, you will need to change the test date OR obtain use of a private car for the purpose of the test. No refunds will be given if you choose to use a different vehicle.
  15. In the event of a breakdown/fault with the vehicle in which you have been learning to drive, or for any other reason, we reserve the right to rearrange your lesson to a time convenient for both you and your Instructor.
  16. In the event of the pupil missing 3 or more consecutive lessons, Relax Driving School and your instructor reserve the right to suspend or terminate your lessons without refund.
  17. We reserve the right to refuse a lesson or terminate a lesson should you appear to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that would contravene road safety or the law. For the avoidance of doubt, this would include excess tiredness and illness.
  18. As the Pupil is the driver, you are solely responsible for any motoring offences committed whilst you are in the drivers seat and therefore in control of the vehicle. Your Instructors liability will only extend as far as doing anything reasonably possible to prevent any offence from being committed by you.

I declare that I have read, and understood the above Terms & Conditions and accept that this agreement is between myself and my Driving Instructor.