Roksana passed her driving test!

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Congratulations to Roksana Boczar who passed her driving test on the 21st March 2018! She passed her driving test at the Kingswood Driving Test Centre! Her driving instructor was Andy! Andy said that Roksana was so stressed, He thinks they were both a little concerned that this would affect her driving performance. However it had the opposite effect and Roksana put her heart and soul into her drive! The Manoeuvre was a reverse bay park at the end of the test which was completed without fault and on the first attempt! The examiner complimented Roksana on a smooth and enjoyable drive and Andy said a comment that was well deserved. Once they were out of the car Andy was asked if she could give me a hug (Roksana, not the examiner!). Andy agreed, but hadn’t expected to receive 3 before finally returning home! Roksana has asked Andy to point out that in the photo she is indeed pregnant, and not fat! Andy is Wishing Roksana a safe life of driving, and a world full of contentment when her new bundle of joy arrives in the near future! Everyone at Relax Driving School would like to wish her all the very best in the future with her driving! WELL DONE!

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