Rhea King passed her driving test!

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Congratulations to Rhea King who passed her driving test on the 26th April 2017! She passed her driving test at the Kingswood Driving Test Centre! Her driving instructor was Andy! Rhea came to Andy from another driving instructor and then stayed with relax driving school and this was followed by a well deserved test pass. Andy said that him and Rhea have had lots of laughs along the way and when Andy knew that Rhea was ready for her driving test they drove through the centre of Bristol, up park street, even down Crews Hole road in St George which Andy know Rhea was dreading, but now she knows she can be confident with narrow winding roads! Now that Rhea has passed her driving test it now means increased responsibilities with her job, where others will also benefit from her newly obtained driving licence! Everyone at Relax Driving School would like to wish her all the very best in the future with her driving! WELL DONE!

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