Louise passed her driving test first time!

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Congratulations to Louise Frost who passed her driving test on teh 28th February 2019! She passed her driving test First time and passed at the Kingswood Driving Test Centre! Her driving instructor was Andy! Andy said that Louise came to him from another driving school and she was initially quiet nervous about who she might have as a new driving instructor, but after a quick chat on the phone with Andy she was looking forward to her driving lessons!

On the morning of Louise’S Driving Test Andy waited in the waiting room and the Driving Test Centre! When Louise came back from her driving test Andy was extremely pleased to see the examiner writing out a test pass certificate bu he was horrified at the mud that covered the drivers side of the car from headlamp to rear bumpers, having only just washed his car for the driving test! Andy said that Louise claimed to have an interaction with a tractor during the test and that the story that she was sticking to!

Everyone at Relax Driving School would like to wish her all the very best in the future with her driving! WELL DONE!

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