First time pass for will!

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Congratulations to Will Pullen who passed his driving test on the 7th July 2018! He passed his driving test at the Kingswood Driving Test Centre and passed first time! His driving instructor was Andy! Will came to Andy from a previous instructor, who Andy said Apparently unlike him, didn’t talk very much! Although Andy said he can understand this because when Will gets talking there is no stopping him!

Andy also said that 10 minutes prior to the driving test a spanner icon appeared on the dashboard along with a message requesting and oil charge! Luckily the examiner agreed that this would not prevent the car being used for a driving test!

Andy said that will is a calm and confident driver, which give a relaxed atmosphere inside the car! Will already has a car of his own!

Everyone at Relax Driving School would like to wish him all the very best in the future with his driving! WELL DONE!

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