Driving Lessons

Relax driving school offers a wide variety of driving lessons in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas. Taking on pupils of any level of experience, we are here to help whatever your goals. You might be a brand new learner needing a driving instructor in Bristol to help you obtain a driving licence, or maybe you’ve already started taking Learner driving lessons with another Bristol driving school / instructor and want to make a change. Need to pass your driving test quickly? We can help by providing an Intensive driving course scheduled to suit your needs. If you’ve recently passed your test and want to be a safer driver, as well as reduce your insurance premiums, you can take a Pass Plus course. Terrified of the prospect of joining the motorway? Or maybe you’ve been driving on them for years but never been that comfortable? You can put your fears to rest by taking our Motorway driving lessons. We also offer both Refresher driving lessons and Fuel Economy courses for experienced drivers looking to increase their knowledge and confidence on the road.

Learner Driving Lessons

Want to start taking driving lessons in Bristol? When you learn to drive with relax driving school you get expert practical advice and hands-on coaching from a fun and friendly Bristol driving school. Our dedicated, highly qualified driving instructors in Bristol and the surrounding areas will make the process easy, supporting you every step of the way, from helping you apply for your provisional, tackling the theory test to passing your practical driving test. Our Bristol driving school is committed to high-quality, effective tuition, and with excellent first time pass rates and great pupil reviews we think our results speak for themselves. relax driving school is the perfect choice for taking driving lessons in Bristol.

We have years of experience helping a wide variety of pupils, regardless of confidence or circumstance, through their driving lessons and to a successful driving test. We ensure you leave each driving lesson with a smile on your face and a real feeling of accomplishment – just one of the reasons we’re sure you’ll love learning to drive with us. Bristol is a great place to learn to drive given its varied environments within which to practice, from country lanes winding around Bristol’s characteristic hilly surroundings to the busy roads of Bristol city centre. From basic junctions and roundabouts to your manoeuvres, we cover every aspect of driving that will appear in your test, and more! Each driving lesson is packed with practical direction, so it won’t be long before you’ll leave our driving school in Bristol with the ability to drive safely and confidently across Bristol and further afield.

Intensive Driving Course

Intensive driving courses, which are often known as crash driving courses or fast pass driving courses, are geared to people with a set time limit on learning to drive. It may be that you need to expedite your driving lessons in order to obtain a driving licence for work, or are soon to be moving/have moved out of an area with good public transportation links. Having a driving licence is often considered an essential part of life for many people and it is an important investment in your future, impacting future career prospects and choices of accommodation. Get that licence FAST by taking an intensive driving course in Bristol with relax driving school

We offer intensive driving courses in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas, lasting anywhere from a fully intensive 1 to 2 week course to a semi-intensive stretched across a month or two; whatever your needs and other commitments, relax, we can structure your intensive driving lessons to accommodate them. Our intensive driving courses in Bristol are only taught by expert, highly experienced driving instructors, so you can be sure you are getting the best service around. We offer intensive driving courses to pupils of all abilities at any level of confidence, we personally tailor our courses around you.

Pass Plus Course

Statistics have proven that the risk of having an accident is greatest during the first few years of driving after passing your driving test. This is why the Pass Plus programme was launched by the government. Backed by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), as well as many major motor insurance companies, it is crafted to help new drivers gain valuable experience and become better equipped for the demands of modern driving. The Pass Plus course is a six-hour module, which includes motorway, bad weather, city and rural driving. After completion you will be able to obtain a discount from many insurance companies, subject to your personal circumstances.

This course has proved popular due to the saving on insurance almost always being far more than the cost of the course. In addition to this you will also be a much safer and more competent driver.

Currently around 75% of our pupils continue on to do the Pass Plus course to enable them to gain further experience dealing with situations and road types that are not covered by the traditional driving lesson, save money on their insurance, and of course spend more time with their lovely instructors!

The course needs to be taken within twelve months of passing your driving test to qualify for the insurance benefits.

How am I tested for the Pass Plus?

It is important to remember that you are not being ‘tested’ for your ability to drive since you have already proved to the examiners that you are safe to be on the road.

There is no need for you to return to the Test Centre since the marking and assessment is performed by our instructors, who are registered with the DVSA to undertake Pass Plus training and assessment. In order to pass, you need to get either an ‘achieved’ or ‘exceeded’ rating in all the Pass Plus categories. In most cases, the 6 hours (usually 3x 2 hour lessons) are sufficient to pass the course and obtain your certificate for the one set fee. Should you perhaps struggle with any area and require further help beyond the 6 hours then this is charged extra by the hour.

Motorway Driving Lessons

Ok, so you’ve passed your driving test, bought your first car, and now you want to go for a drive with some friends. They’ve suggested perhaps a shopping trip to Cardiff or a day out at the seaside. But wait…theres something in between you and your destination…a motorway! As a newly qualified driver, the only knowledge of motorway driving that you are likely to have is the information that you gained (and hopefully remembered) when you studied for your theory test. You are now faced with joining a very busy motorway network, and may be worried about doing so safely.

Motorway driving lessons in Bristol are a great idea as we have a very busy network of motorways around us in the Bristol area, such as the M4, the M5 and the M32. We can give you the training and confidence to deal with these motorways (and the other drivers on them!) safely and confidently.

Refresher Driving Lessons

There are a number of reasons for needing a refresher driving lessons in Bristol, such as after passing your test never getting a car, losing your licence, not driving for a while due to illness or injury, or simply needing reassurance that you’re still ‘doing it right’! We can help you get back on the road with confidence, no matter what the reason was for you giving up!

We will take an initial assessment lesson to define your needs and goals and from there get you back behind the wheel at your own pace.

Fuel Economy Course

With the cost of both diesel and unleaded fuels going through the roof, it is more important than ever to drive in an economic manner. This not only saves you your hard earned cash, but also prevents unnecessary wear & tear on your vehicle – again, saving you money on repairs! The aim of taking fuel economy driving lessons in Bristol is simple – to save you money in the long run, and is geared to those who have been driving for some time.

We will coach you into driving with fuel efficiency in mind, which will also help reduce wear & tear on your car’s vital components. It will also help to make you a safer driver by being more aware of your surroundings and planning in advance.

Fleet Training

relax driving school does not currently undertake Fleet training, however we can refer you to a Fleet registered colleague who we can wholly recommend and would be delighted to hear from you to discuss your options. Please get in touch to find out more.