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Welcome to Driving Lessons Keynsham with relax Driving School. Our Driving instructors have an extremely flexible approach to your driving lessons. They are able to fit them around your daily routine. Our instructors are able to pick you up from your house, college, work or even a local car park. So we can pick you up at any time and any place if that suits you best.
We also offer more advanced driving lessons in Keynsham. These are for those who have experience in the car already and are looking for a bit more experience. If you do want some more confidence on the roads. We can help you with manoeuvres etc that you want to touch up on. Or just a general refresher Driving lesson in Keynsham for those who have their full license but haven’t been driving for a while.

At Relax Driving School we offer both intensive and crash course Driving lesson in Keynsham and Bristol area, so we can help you gain more confidence driving by yourself and have a bigger smile on your face because you will be on the roads with a full licence faster. Whatever your driving school needs/goals your Driving lessons Keynsham will help you achieve them.

Why not learn with us with your Driving Lessons Keynsham

Keynsham is an old commuter town, Centred between Bristol and Bath also settled on the banks of the rivers Chew and Avon. The Romans were based in the Keynsham are until 430 AD. evidence this can be found near the train station marked by a small ruin which was once a small garrison.

During the Roman period, Keynsham may have been the site of the lost Roman settlement of Trajectus. The Roman Ford Seated over the River Avon existed somewhere in the areas around Bristol and Bath, and the numerous Roman ruins discovered in Keynsham makes it a more than likely to be the lost settlement.

When the construction of the Durley Hill Cemetery the remains of a Roman villa with over 30 rooms were discovered. Even though the builders knew the villa was there, the construction of the cemetery still went ahead, and the majority of the villa is now located beneath the Victorian cemetery and an adjacent road. The cemetery was expanded in 1922.

So why not take immerse yourself in the historic town of keynsham with us at Driving lessons Keynsham!

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