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Relax Driving Lessons Frome

If you want driving lessons  Frome, Relax Driving School can help with that! We have friendly instructors that offer many different types of driving courses in Frome such as; Intensive driving lessons, Pass Plus, Refresher lessons and Advanced driving lessons.

Advanced driving lessons FromeImage for driving lessons in Frome

We offer advanced driving lessons for those who are looking to enhance their driving skills. There are huge benefits including reduced insurance, happier passengers, safer drivers and a great sense of achievement. Statistically, less than 0.07% of drivers go on to do any voluntary advanced driving lessons which is a shame due to the progress that is made when doing these advanced driving lessons in Frome.

Pass Plus Frome

Pass Plus includes motorway driving lessons in Frome, night driving and winter driving lessons. Relax Driving School offers this in 6 hours of training which can benefit any driver a lot, especially with in a year of passing your test. The best bit is; it lowers car insurance!

Refresher Driving Lessons Frome

Refresher driving lessons are usually for people who have passed their driving test but haven’t driven a car for a while, so they would like to refresh their mind of how to drive a car and carry out more advanced driving classes in Frome such as manoeuvres. It is also to do with; re-learning safe drive concepts, this reduces the risk to passengers in the car, other drivers and you. It’s a quick and easy way to update your skills in driving.

Intensive Driving Lessons Frome

Do you have a busy lifestyle? Do you need a car to accommodate to your lifestyle immediately? We can help with that due to Relax Driving School offering intensive driving lessons in Frome! You can pass your test in as little as a week. All of our intensive driving lessons range from 3 hours a day to 6 hours a day depending on what you would prefer depending on how long you can concentrate when driving and how fast you want to pass your test. We cater our intensive driving lessons to suit the number of hours’ experience that you have had previously, we do this so you don’t pay for hours that you don’t need.

To book your driving lessons in Frome

To book your driving Lessons in Frome online click one of the links above. Alternatively, you can call us on 0330 223 0806 or email info@relaxdrivinglessonsbristol.co.uk You can also use the chat widget below.