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Image of Driving Lessons BathWelcome to Driving Lessons Bath With Relax Driving School. Our driving instructors are extremely flexible, so if there are any issues we can help fulfil your need. Taking driving lessons in Bath we can fit your lessons around your daily routine, pick you up from your house, college or even your place of work if that is best for you.

If you have experience in a car, we can offer more advanced lessons for those who have a full licence but want some more confidence, experience or simply a refresher driving lessons in Bath. At Relax Driving School we offer crash course or intensive driving lessons in Bath for anyone wanting to get their license quickly and be more confident about driving by yourself and get on the roads faster, whatever you’re driving school needs/goals we can help you achieve them.


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Bath is a very different scene compared to most of the areas around Bristol, Bath has a more compact and has a more harmonious scene, with its Elegant Crescents and its Georgian style buildings with Plaques dotting the walls naming their inhabitants from when the town used to be a spa resort. Did you know it is here in bath were where Gainsborough established himself as a portraitist and landscape painter? So you will be in high regard taking Driving Lessons Bath.
Baths main Claim to fame is its hot springs which are the only ones located in this country. Which the local Celtic population took full opportunity of, before the romans used their technology and turned bath into working Bathing resort, before it started to go to ruin after the romans departed from the country. Which the Saxons took over the town and thus regaining baths importance under Saxon rule.

The Spring which supplies the roman baths has been filling the pool with 1,170,000 litres of spring water at 46 °c At a constant steadily rate to this date, the romans believed that the gods were the ones responsible for the bath water to rise up from the ground, but the water comes from the King’s spring which fell as rain water in 10,000 BC
So why not take a bath in Bath after your driving lessons with us here at Driving Lessons Bath!

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