Dale passed his driving test!

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Image of driving lessons in Bristol

Congratulations to Dale Sheppard who passed his driving test on the 28th January 2016! He took his driving lessons around Bristol! His driving instructor was Andy! Dale contacted Andy as he was due to take an intensive driving course, but his instructor has cancelled on him at the last minute! This was Andy’s first pupil after receiving his instructor badge. Dale had secured a new job as a travelling sales manager and it was essential that Dale learnt to drive as without a licence the new job would not be held open to him! After taking lessons with Andy it meant that is allowed Dales probationary period at work to come to an end and for him to take up his new found career. Not only is Dale enjoying his new job, but he has saved hundreds of pounds having lessons with Andy as he was originally going to take an intensive course and this was going to cost him £1000! so he has saved a lot having lessons with Andy! Everyone at Relax Driving School would like to wish him all the very best in the future with his driving! WELL DONE!

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