Automatic Pricing

As well as offering manual driving lessons, we’re also now able to offer automatic lessons in selected areas. Check out our prices below to see our introductory deals!

driving lessons bristol prices

Standard Rates


Booking Price
First 2 hour lesson:
introductory only*
Single Automatic Lesson:
on a pay-as-you-go basis
£34 per hour

when taken as a 2 hour lesson

Auto Block Booking:
paying upfront for 10 hrs or more
£33 per hour

when taken as 2 hour lessons

Single one hour lesson £44 per hour
Single 1.5 hour lesson £54
Auto Block of 10 hours:
Our best deal
just £330
Auto City Centre Training:
2hr lesson
just £37 per hour
Auto Refresher Lessons:
2hr lesson
just £37 per hour
Auto Test Rescue Courses:
Initial Assessment 1.5hrs
just £54
Auto Test Rescue Course:
2 hour lesson
just £36 per hour
Auto Test Rescue Course:
Block of 10 hours
just £350
Test car hire fee
Minimum 2 hours
just £73

Terms and conditions apply to all deals.

Not only do we offer great driving lesson rates, if you choose to book your automatic driving lessons with RELAX Driving School we include online theory test training absolutely FREE to help you prepare for for your hazard perception and theory test. Taken in addition to our well-structured practical driving lessons, it is no wonder we have such a high success rate!

So why wait? Book your automatic driving lessons online today!

*Terms and Conditions


  1. If you have chosen to take driving lessons, this agreement is between you and your allocated Driving Instructor. No liability shall arise or exist between you and Relax Driving School.
  2. If you have opted to pay via Bank Transfer (BACS) at the discounted lesson price, should you switch to Cash (either temporarily or permanently) then you will no longer receive the discount and full lesson price must be made.
  3. All payments are non refundable. In exceptional circumstances, and at your instructors’ sole discretion, any agreed refunds will be made by your driving instructor direct to your chosen Bank account. Relax Driving School is not responsible for any payments that you have made directly to your instructor. Any refund made will incur a £4.50 administration charge. There is strictly NO REFUNDS on the introductory offers as they are heavily discounted.
  4. If you have taken an introductory offer of 10 hours, 3x 2 hours are used at the start of training & the remaining 2x 2 hours are saved for week of your test
  5. If you have taken an introductory offer of 8 hours, 3×2 hours are used at the start of the training and the remaining 2 hours are saved for the day of your test.
  6. If you have prior driving experience, you may not be eligible for our introductory offers. Please speak to a member of staff for more details.
  7. Cancellations must be made prior to midday the day before your lesson. If this is not met, your Instructor reserves the right to charge you, in full, for the cancelled lesson (Your instructor may operate a 3 strike policy).  If your instructor arrives at the pick-up point and you are not available for the lesson, then a full charge will be made and we may terminate your lessons.
  8. For our full terms and conditions, please click here
  9. Introductory deal for complete beginners only